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Cassandra Tenzer, MSW

Cassandra Tenzer, MSW

Cassandra Tenzer, MSW is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Intern (ISW # 13315). She attained her Bachelor of Social Work from Westfield University and her Master of Social Work from Barry University’s trauma-informed, clinical curriculum. While attending graduate school, Cassandra was awarded with the National Association of Social Workers Miami-Dade Unit, Student Social Work Student of the Year Award. Ms. Tenzer is trained and clinically experienced as a Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator and recently became trained as a General Eye Movement and Desensitization and Reprocessing Facilitator. She is certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid and is trained in issues specific to children and trauma.

Cassandra’s career has included working within the child welfare system, with vulnerable and at-risk children, youth and families. She has also provided family counseling in the therapeutic foster care setting as well as community outreach related to safety and permanency for children.

She completed her graduate, clinical practicum as a trauma resolution clinician, working with children (as young as five), youth, and adults. In this capacity, she provided individual and family therapy as well as group work to diverse clients seeking relief from a spectrum of trauma-related mental health concerns, including (but not limited to): PTSD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, mood disorders, grief and loss, relationship issues, self-esteem issues and developmental and complex trauma histories.

Cassandra’s specialty is helping children, youth and adult clients recover from both toxic and post-traumatic stress by helping them to build coping skills, integrate traumatic experiences and form more adaptive functioning for the future. She is particularly passionate about working with children and their families. Her approach is trauma-informed, and she sees presenting issues through the lens of “what happened to you” versus “what is wrong with you.” It remains her belief that unresolved trauma is often the underlying cause of many mental health concerns and substance abuse issues. Therefore, her approach is to look beyond symptomology to discover the causes of maladaptive behaviors, thoughts, and feelings.

With consideration for the client’s developmental age, cultural background, unique personality, and personal goals, Cassandra utilizes integrative psychotherapy, largely grounded in mind-body connection and neurobiology. She combines psychoeducation, mindfulness based coping skills, narrative therapy, expressive arts and play modalities, neurologically based trauma integration methods, and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques.

Cassandra is currently a member of the National Association of Social Workers and serves on their Leadership Committee for the Miami-Dade Chapter. She is also a member of the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association. She is currently working on research and advocacy related to child welfare reform aimed at a more trauma-informed system. She volunteers with the Miami Rescue Mission and is an ambassador for their Cover Girls program, which works to help and empower homeless women and children.

She views therapy as a collaborative journey between the therapist and client, in which they work to discover underlying causes of the presenting concerns, tap into their own internal resources and supports and to work towards a more adaptive and empowered future.   

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Cassandra Tenzer, MSW is currently accepting new clients.  You may reach her for a free phone consultation at 978-295-0581 or cassandra@cwcsf.com