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Combating Senioritis: Keeping your Child Motivated

Combating Senioritis: Keeping your Child Motivated By: Staci Lee Schnell, M.S.,C.S.,LMFT Senioritis is the condition that tends to affect the motivation of many high school seniors. Once college applications are complete and plans for their futures are being made, students may begin to slack off.  Parents may find themselves battling with their children to stay… Continue Reading

The Road to Change Tour

The Road to Change Tour By: Lexa Bender This summer was one for the books—the history books. I was lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to join the resilient activists of March for Our Lives on their summer trip, which was driven by the intention of turning tragedy into change. I packed my bags… Continue Reading

Our Scars Tell the Story

Our Scars Tell the Story By: Michael Bouciquot, M.S.   The Japanese have a form of art known as Kintsugi. This entails a piece of broken pottery being repaired with either gold or silver. The gold or silver is placed in the cracks of the broken pottery and in some cases whole pieces are replaced… Continue Reading

Men Don’t Win-Part 1

Men Don’t Win Part 1: I’m a Father not a Babysitter By: Michael Bouciquot, MS Little coughs came out of my son’s mouth as his head rested on my shoulder and his arms wrapped loosely around my neck. He and I sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office hoping to hear his name… Continue Reading