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COVID-19 Support

The therapists of the Counseling and Wellness Center of South Florida are offering secure HIPAA compliant online video sessions at this time. They are currently accepting new clients and they are also providing free resources to the community  during  this  Covid-19  crisis.

Free Support Groups:

The Counseling and Wellness Center of South Florida is currently offering the following Free Support Groups during COVID-19 crisis. In order to register for one of these groups, simply email reception@cwcsf.com


Healthcare Professionals (doctors, nurses, hospital employees, etc.) we are offering three free support groups a week.
Mondays at 8pm
Tuesdays at 3pm
Thursdays at 12pm

Read more about Staci Lee Schnell and Cassandra Cacace.


Couples dealing with intimacy issues or just getting on each other’s nerves during COVID-19, we are offering you a free support group.
Mondays at 7pm

Read more about Rachel Smith and Jody Schultz.


Young Adults/College Students struggling with living back at home with your parents because of COVID-19, lack or socializing transitioning to online classes or working from home getting to you, we have a free support group for you.
Fridays at 12pm

Read more about Lexa Bender and Caela Cohen.


New Moms, we have a monthly support group starting for you too! Starting May 6th from 7-8pm the First Wednesday of each month.

Read more about Katalin Hanana and Marni Winters.

CWCSF Tip Minutes

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for free tips and posts daily to help you through these difficult times. The Therapists of CWCSF are posting video tips as well. New CWCSF Tip Minutes are posted at 6pm every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday during this COVID-19 pandemic.  #cwcsftipminute #cwcsf