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Rachel Smith, MS, LMFT, CST

Rachel Smith, LMFT
Rachel Smith, LMFT, CST

Rachel Smith is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MT3298), with a state certification in Sex Therapy. With her education and specialized training, Rachel provides an unbiased and safe space for individuals and couples to explore, process, and overcome the vast perplexities of intimate connections to reignite that fading zest within themselves and their relationships. Rachel’s study of Sex Therapy was enlivened in college while volunteering at a center for sexually abused children as a psychology major at the University of Central Florida. Through this experience, she recognized the immense need for silenced populations to have a voice and a safe outlet of expression to begin the healing process. She learned how speaking one’s truth can lead to strength, resilience and empowerment, and she fervently watched how families were able to piece their lives back together after a state of brokenness and despair. This is when she knew she was meant to be an agent of positive change in this crazy world – to help reconcile, empower and enrich the lives of others.

Rachel’s understanding of sexuality, particularly as it relates to relationships, was further enhanced and broadened through her Master’s study of Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. After completing an internship working with the LGBTQ community, she continued to feel the need engage in necessary discussions about sex, sexuality, sexual orientation, and sexual trauma that others tended to shy away from or deemed taboo. Propelled to further expand her knowledge
and education on these topics, she completed a certification in Sex Therapy, where she learned even more about sexual health, sexual identity, sexual “dysfunctions,” and all that these entail. Rachel’s steadfast exploration of sexuality and relationships gives her a unique perspective and a different approach to intimacy, and it is this expertise that she shares with clients in therapy.

With compassion and dedication, Rachel will help you broaden your perspective to see different points of view and discover solutions to various presenting problems. Through her experience and education, she can help you navigate through common misconceptions of intimacy, sex and sexuality, as well as help you overcome negative and destructive thoughts you may have about yourself and/or your partner. With a
solution-focused and collaborative approach, we can work together to uncover your strengths and resources to lead a more enriched and fulfilling life.

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Rachel Smith is currently accepting new clients.  Please contact her for a free phone consultation at (954) 488-2344 or email her at rachel@cwcsf.com.  You can read more about Rachel on her website www.infiniteintimacytherapy.com